So what makes you think your compressor is “bad”? Introduction ‐ The Danfoss BD 35 and BD 50 compressors used in all Frigoboat systems are incredibly reliable machines and very robust. It takes a lot of abuse to “kill” one (they don’t simply die from natural causes), so if you Inside a 12v fridge compressor there is a shock absorbing suspension system for the actual compressor. Why not also, for any installation of any fridge, ensure a suitable retaining of the fridge but have it so the fridge is on a cushioning system/pad and the walls CAN be further insulated for thermal reasons and cushioning. Speaking of solar real estate , something always seems to be missing when comparing the 2 types of fridges . What ever extra solar that needs to be added to run the compressor fridge should be added to the cost of the fridge for a comparison . JMHO Does anyone have a feel for the longevity of a 12v compressor fridge ( I have no idea ).

Dometic CRE50 Compressor Campervan and Marine Fridge for 12v 24volt with Freezer Compartment. With 45 litres fridge and an optional 4.4 litres freezer capacity, the 12v and 24volt Dometic CRE50 compressor fridge with removable freezer drawer is the smallest capacity refrigerator from the new value range of Dometic CRE fridges. The Motorhome caravan markets long awaited product, A 12v Compressor fridge, by Thetford. Curved back for a snug fit. A compressor fridge specifically designed for use in panel van conversions allowing for the curvature of the wall, please check with us before you order. its possible the unit is 230v AC, and the black box, not the compressor, is an iunverter, especially for the fridge, to run the 230 v AC compressor from 12 volts DC. But I'm not sure, so thats why I suggested getting somebody local to have a look at it. But dont worry about any of that, if the fridge runs fine on battery and charger.