LOVE AFFAIRS ASTROLOGY There are specific yogas which cause people to fall in love. You may be attracted towards someone when the Dasha of the lord of the ascendant is running in a birth chart. Issues related to love are analyzed through the 5th house in a Kundali.

Jan 03, 2020 · This luck in love continues throughout the year, but some changes in your home life can disrupt your flow and even affect your love life or relationship. But rise above it. You got this. Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22) You’ll remain low-key for the most of the year, perhaps as a result of the intense energy of the previous year that was 2019. Relationship Overview Introduction to Relationships through Astrology We all want to know how compatible we are with others and using astrology we can do so by studying the relationship of the Sun sign of one person to the Sun sign of another. Focus on spending quality time with them. On the positive side, expect some improvement in the second half of the month especially from September. You will plan romantic dates and lavish dinners with partner. Expenses on love affairs might increase. Beware and control your desires as you may be involved in more than one love affair at a time.