I have been researching low power motherboards/chipsets for a system upgrade and am finding it difficult to get the information I need. Perhaps someone can provide some advice; or refer me to a website that compiles this kind of info. I am trying to find the lowest power motherboard/chipset that supports some components that I want to re-use.

ASRock Motherboard & CPU Combo Motherboards J3455B-ITX: ... 30 September 2019 ... Overall if you want something that is OK for low power computing you want a lot of ... Low power consumption, decent performance and good hardware support makes this the best motherboard CPU combo for the money - It will meet and even exceed the needs of most light users. However we do have to be realistic at this price range. A power supply’s wattage rating lists the maximum amount of power that it can provide. The amount of power actually used is controlled by the devices which are attached to it, including the motherboard.