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A Reaper Axe "Harvest resources... and souls with the limited edition reaper pickaxe." This item is a skin that modifies the look of your Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool). How to get. This axe is a limited edition item exclusive to Halloween/Fortnightmares. The Reaper was first available to players to purchase through the item shop on October 27th, 2017. Human Decay by Gaslarm, released 01 October 2019 1. Intro 2. Land of the Lost Souls 3. Leviathan 4. Horrordome 5. Devil Messiah 6. Safetypin 7. Charon 8. On the Road 9. World Purification Recorded at Studio Rövsvett September 2019 This is The Very Last album from me Anders"RiffLord"Lindberg. Anyway, my question: The Reaper Leviathan makes this awesome, bone-chilling scream / roar. But this sound is always only on the left channel, and I can't tell where the Reaper is based on sound. Which makes it even more scary, I guess... Is this a bug / not yet implemented, or is it intended that way?