Aug 12, 2019 · About us. We're a group of hard working people that are dedicated to bringing you the best possible playing experience on all servers we run. We offer high quality servers, with no P2W aspects to be seen anywhere. Rust has recently added the ability to create your own custom maps! Here is a quick guide on how to run your custom maps on your Survival Servers Rust server! If you wish to have each member of the server automatically download the map on server connect, follow these steps. Make sure you've enabled Oxide from your servers Mod box!

Hello, wanderer! If you want to download resources you need to register! Registering is nessesary because you can miss important plugin updates Steel Garage Buildings, Metal Garages, Prefab Garage Building Kits. When it comes to your personal garage building, don't settle for rickety wood frame buildings that deteriorate after just a few years or leave you with constantly leaking roofs.