Feb 01, 2020 · The Uganda National Examinations Board on Friday released the 2019 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results. A total of 337,697 candidates registered for the 2019 UCE exams. Females are said to have performed better than boys in English while the boys performed well in other subjects. Here is a list of the top 100 schools... The Uganda National Examinations Board on Wednesday released the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations. The UNEB said it withheld a total number of 61 Schools across the country over exam malpractice. It was reported that this overwhelming form of malpractice was experienced through assistance given to candidates by third parties.

Chemistry's top 300 in UCE 2019 Special edition list of top 300 centres in Chemistry UCE 2019 Posn School District... Best schools in UCE English 2019 In 2019 UCE, on the extremes, only 478 D1s (0.18%) were registered and up to... Best schools in UCE Biology Despite Biology having a solid rock foundation for the largest number of medical ... 27,696 candidates passed in Division One, 52,706 in Division Two, 70,347 in Third Division while 137,058 passed in Fourth Division, 42,334 students failed to attain any grade and are supposed to repeat senior four. Today,the Grapevine brings you the list of the top 300 Schools according to their performance in the UCE exams. By Doreen Menezer.