Much-loved celebrity Olivia Newton-John is about to embark on a unique journey, which she hopes will raise millions of dollars to assist in the fight against cancer. Olivia tells Jo Bailey about the new cancer centre and research facility she is fundraising for, and has some special advice for people on their own cancer journey. (Bailey) we are entitled to sulk…go away (Olivia) *Yanks blanket off the twins and both of them flip onto their stomachs burying their faces in their pillows* You have both been moping around in pajamas all weekend since that STUPID video came out… (Bailey) You could be a little more sympathetic… (Olivia) I am due in 15 days!!

Watch the official Grey's Anatomy online at Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes Olivia and Chase were greeted by none other than her sister Bailey, Bailey was dressed in skimpy clothes and wore a smirk on her face that told Olivia from the get go that it was a mistake that she’d agreed to come to this party her parents wanted to have for her.